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Victims of Circumstances: A Case Study to Explore the Socio Economic Problems of Bounded Labor Working at Brick Kiln in Pakistan

Vol. 1, PP. 1-5, Nov. 2014

Keywords: Socio economic, bonded labor, brick kiln, primary education, case study approach

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In this study, an effort has been made to explore the socio economic problems of bonded labor working at brick kiln in Gujranwala, in Pakistan. The purpose of this study was to find out the problems faced by bounded labor at brick kilns, so the only best technique of data collection was in-depth interviews with respondents. Interview guide was tool of data collection. In depth interviews were conducted with the respondents for a period of two months. During research, it was observed that respondents were illiterate and there were not even primary school education facilities available to workers. They were unaware of their basic rights and therefore were facing a lot of problems in their daily working life in general and whole life in particular. The findings show that economic, social and legal vulnerabilities of both females and males working in brick kiln. In the broader context both females and males were identified as victims in their own right but analysis of their interpersonal relations indicated more victimization of female workers. This article also gives recommendations for policy, practice and future research in this area.


Anam Azam: BLCU,, Beijing, 008613641117142
Muhammad Rafiq, NCEPU, Beijing, China

Anam Azam Muhammad Rafiq "Victims of circumstances: A case study to explore the socio economic problems of bo Economics and Management Works Vol. 1 PP. 1-5 Nov. 2014.


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