ISSN E 2410-3500

Socio-Economic Impact of Higher Education in Pakistan

Vol. 2, Issue 4, PP. 22-25, April 2015

Keywords: Education, economic growth, social mobility, inequality, awareness

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In  this study, the socio-economic impact of higher education in Pakistan are studied. The main objective of this study was to examine and analyse the casual relationship between socio/economic impacts in higher education. The study has also highlighted the firm relationship in higher education. The findings showed that there is positive relationship in higher education.


Anam Azam  is currently doing Master in Economics from Beijing University of Language and Culture University, Beijing, China (corresponding author to provide phone:0086-13641117142; ; e-mail:

Fouzia Nazir is doing her Master in Psychology from University of Gujrat, Pakistan.

Muhammad Rafiq is studying at North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China (e-mail:


Anam Azam Muhammad Rafiq Fauzia Nazir "Socio-Economic Impact of Higher Education in Pakistan"International Journal of Business Economics and Management Works Vol. 2 Issue 4 PP. 22-25 April 2015.

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