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How Demographic Characteristics of People Affect on Virtual Purchase

Vol. 3, Issue 4, PP. 49-54, April 2016

Keywords: Demographic variables, online shopping, facilities of buyers, desired products

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Shopping from the virtual stores is increasing day by day. It facilitates the buyers to purchase the desired product without visiting the shopping malls. The study was conducted to analyze the affect of demographic variables on virtual shopping. How age, gender, education and income affect purchasing from virtual stores. Population was selected from Faisalabad city and sample size was 250 respondents. Sample was selected on the basis of internet usage. A well structured questionnaire was used for data collection from sample. Research contains different data analyses techniques to calculate the percentages, Chi square, Frequency, Degree of freedom, standard deviation, P-value, mean and Gamma. Research concluded that male do more online purchasing than women. Research has proposed several recommendations for online stores that will help to increase their profit.


Asma Javed: National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore, E-mail:


Asma Javed "How demographic characteristics of people affect on virtual purchase"International Journ Economics and Management Works Vol. 3 Issue 4 PP. 49-54 April 2016.

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