ISSN E 2410-3500

An Analysis on Human Resource Management in Australia Small and Medium Enterprises

Vol. 7, Issue 03, PP. 01-04, March 2020


Keywords: Australia, small and medium enterprises, human resource management, challenges and countermeasures

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While it is widely known that human resource management (HRM) is vital to competitive success, discussion has rarely included small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) let alone SMEs in Australia. This neglect is surprising given that SMES play an important role in the development of every economy especially in Australia’s economy. With the globalization of the world economy, knowledge, and information technology expanding, the survival and development of small and medium enterprises are facing more competition pressure. This has made the investment in human resources a necessity in such a way that helps small and medium enterprises be able to resist the challenges they face in the hostile environment they operate in. If managed effectively and efficiently, human resources management can play a critical role in achieving the objectives and goals of any and all enterprises. This paper analyzes the many different issues faced by human resource management in Australia’s small and medium enterprises such as recruitment, performances, succession planning, Time Management, Skill Management, Training and at the same time provides countermeasures which would contribute to the lasting succession and progress of small and medium enterprises.

Noimilynn N.F. Pigao: Department of Business school, Hohai University, China (email:

Stephane Pabangou: Department of Business school, Yangzhou University, China (email:


Noimilynn N.F. Pigao Stephane Pabangou "An analysis on Human Resource Management in Australia Small and Medium Enterprises" Internation Economics and Management Works Vol. 7 Issue 03 PP. 01-04 March 2020

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