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A Study of Risks Factors Affecting Online Shopping in Faisalabad

Vol. 2, Issue 11, PP. 75-84, Nov. 2015

Keywords: online shopping, easy way of shopping, risk of security, risk of loss of privavy

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This is the era of technology and companies are becoming globalized. Now companies are facing tougher competition. This is their need to be innovative if they want to be in the competition. Technologies not only provide benefits to users but also have negativity. Shopping through the internet is very common now days. It not only made shopping tasks easy but also has many risks. The study explores the risks of online shopping. Population was selected from Faisalabad city and two hundred and fifty respondents were selected as sample. Different data analyses techniques were used to find out the Frequency, percentages, Chi square Degree of freedom, P-value, Gamma, mean and standard deviation. Research has found that consumers are worry about security from internet shopping and the main risk of online shopping was the loss of privacy and to provide personal information to online sellers.


Asma Javed: National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore, 1E-mail:

Babak Mehmood: (Corresponding author) University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan,

Asma javed Babak Mehmood "A Study of Risks Factors Affecting Online Shopping in Faisalabad" International Journal of Business Economics and Management Works Vol. 2 Issue 11 PP. 75-84 Nov. 2015.

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